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Thanx for stopping by. I apologize for taking soooo long getting to the task of making this site an enjoyable experience. Quilting is my passion and doing this Electronic “Stuff” is a real chore. I decided to create this site on my own. Having said that, Loes Van der Heijden, the creator of Art and Stitch has taken me under her Wing to get me started and to encourage me to keep moving -=-as time goes by this will be a really BIG Show.
In the new Photo Gallery I have included pictures of some of my own quilts as well as quilts pieced by others and then quilted by myself. I have included my very first one -=- it was a cheater Double Wedding Ring -=- It turned out quite well, and I am proud to say it is still on our eldest son’s bed. Quilt #3 was a Whole Cloth created entirely by me, quilted in Off White and cherished by our only daughter, Carolyn. The 6th quilt was for the Trucker son, again created by me, starting with the drawing of a Peterbuilt tractor trailer complete with a country scene.  He put a million miles on it, before I upgraded him to a Digitized one of the same truck.
The deal was, I want the original back, to show how well machine quilted quilts last.
Click here to visit the Photo Gallery.
With my new Art and Stitch digitizing program, I am able to create those special designs that can be unique to you and you alone.
Please feel free to contact me with questions about having YOUR treasure quilted by =
To-day I do Computer assisted as well as Hand-guided quilting. You can have basic all over designs or full blown heirloom. Your choice

Please phone or email me to set up an appointment to discuss how you wish to have your Labour of Love turned into a Lasting testament of beauty and last but not least a warm reminder of your hard work. Remember a quilt will last a lifetime -=- but it is a lot warmer on your bed.

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